Areas of Practice 
  :: Commercial Litigation
  :: Oil and Gas Litigation
  :: Construction Litigation
  :: Breach of Contract Litigation
  :: Wrongful Death and Personal Injury Litigation
  :: Oil & Gas Injuries
  :: Catastrophic Injuries
  :: Trucking Liability
  :: Construction Injuries
  :: Products Liability
  :: Automobile Injuries
  :: Premises Liability
  :: Governmental Liability
Oil and Gas Litigation
The Law of Oil & Gas in the State of Texas has a rich and detailed history. The Law involves a combination of, among other areas, Property Law, Contract Law, and Rules regarding Probate.

Henry has handled cases involving the following disputes in the Oil & Gas setting:

• Legal interpretation of an Operating Agreement.
• Legal interpretation of a Drilling Contract.
• Cancellation of Oil & Gas Leases.
• Bad Faith Pooling.
• Determination of whether or not leases are held by production.
• Damage to wells by either defective equipment or sub-par workmanship.


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