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Oil & Gas Injuries
The search for, production of, transportation of and storage of oil and gas is an industry, that by its very nature requires a high degree of care.

The equipment used in this industry is heavy, moved often, and much of the time involves pressurized fluids or gases. The recent explosion in gas drilling has caused many inexperienced or ill-trained individuals to be placed into supervisory positions. Also, the fluids necessary to drill and frac Barnett Shale wells require an influx of tanker trucks.

These risks exist not only in rural areas around Fort Worth, but within the very city limits of Fort Worth and its suburban neighboring cities. Oftentimes, oil and gas operations require the coordination of several entities including operator, drilling company, service company and landowner to conduct a particular operation.

Henry was raised working in the North Texas oil field and he and his predecessor firm have handled a myriad of oil and gas cases. Also, by their nature, Oil & Gas Injuries involve principles of Trucking Liability, Products Liability, and Premises Liability.

Oil and Gas Injuries

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