Areas of Practice 
  :: Commercial Litigation
  :: Oil and Gas Litigation
  :: Construction Litigation
  :: Breach of Contract Litigation
  :: Wrongful Death and Personal Injury Litigation
  :: Oil & Gas Injuries
  :: Catastrophic Injuries
  :: Trucking Liability
  :: Construction Injuries
  :: Products Liability
  :: Automobile Injuries
  :: Premises Liability
  :: Governmental Liability
Governmental Liability
The law has always provided special treatment to governmental entities in their relation to injury and wrongful death cases.

This includes but is not limited to immunity, in some situations, waiver of that immunity, in some situations, specialized notice requirements for suits against governmental entities, and damage caps in regards to litigation against these governmental entities.

The complex nature of these actions as well as the notice requirements require an early and aggressive investigation of the facts and damages.


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